• Qualitative Methods

    Integrating Cognitive Social Science with Qualitative Methods


  • Collective Behavior

    Revisiting the Cognitive and Emotive foundations of Group Dynamics

  • Applied Research

    Political Research, Consultation, and Organizing

    In addition to academic pursuits, Justin has been a political researcher, consultant, and organizer for the Grassroots for Sanders political organization and the official Bernie 2016 campaign.

    The Grassroots for Sanders movement was an autonomous grassroots organization mobilizing over 190,000 activists and volunteers. As of February 2016, GFS has raised over 1.6 million dollars for Bernie 2016. Within this organization, Justin’s role has primarily been applied sociology for national and local outreach, organizing, and messaging. Wired Magazine described the Grassroots for Sanders organization as having “arguably played just as important a role in making Sanders a viable candidate this election season as the Sanders campaign has itself”. In this grassroots role, one of Justin’s main projects was conducting research for the team. This included extensive historical research and the integration of academic research related to political issues. This project has been featured in numerous media outlets, including theĀ  New York Times.

    Justin was also actively involved in research and campaign messaging for the national Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign and on a local level in the City of Chicago.